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In April 2023 After having a conversation with a couple of his friends who mentioned needing someone affordable to mow their lawns, Chad Moutray A father of 4 who works a full time job as a maintenance mechanic at Nestle Purina decided to put the brand new zero turn mower and trailer he had setting around to good use. Before he knew it those couple of yards he stared with had turned into 25 lawn accounts and a phone that never seemed to stop ringing, from calls about lawn care, landscaping, people needing limbs taken off roofs of their homes, fences or yards after storms. Some needing roofs repaired or replaced. others needing someone to haul things to the landfill. He very quickly realized the large demand in an economy struggling to recuperate from a global pandemic for honest trust worth people to provide these services at a price they could afford,  And as someone who has always enjoyed helping others as well as being outside in his spare time Chad takes great pride in being able to provide those services and treats each job as if its his own or being done for his loved ones and so Very quickly what started out as one friend helping a couple of other friends turned into,

Poorboys Lawn And Landscaping LLC 


Poorboys Lawn and Landscaping LLC strives to give you the best price and still provide the best quality work possible. Don't waste ur time doing yardwork this summer Let us help you have more free time to spend with family at a price you can afford!! Call Chad Moutray at 816-341-8208 today for a free estimate!

Residential Lawn care & Landscaping

 Poorboys Lawn And Landscaping currently offers residential lawn care services!

  • Cut

  • Trimmed

  • All debris blown off porches. walkways, driveways.

Poorboys Lawn And Landscaping LLC currently offers residential Landscaping services

  • Retaining walls

  • Rock& flower gardens

  • Hedge, Shrub & Bush trimming

Poorboys Lawn And Landscaping LLC has plans to expand our services in the near future!

  • Commercial lawn care

  • Commercial landscaping

  • Concrete stamping

Emergency storm clean up


limited tree services 

  • Limb removal & Debris clean up

    • We now offer emergency storm clean up

    • We remove fallen limbs from roofs, fences, yards and more

    • We will pick up and haul off storm debris

  • limited tree services 

    • Limb removal 

    • Trim limbs away from roofs 

    • Limited tree. Brush over growth removal 

Roofing services

Roof repair 

Asphalt shingle installation

Lay over 

Full replacement

Lawn care

Emergency storm clean up

 Roofing Services 

Other services

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at 816-341-8208

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